Christian Zerangue

Angelo Dylen    Truett Martin    SteVonte Hart    Chris Hawkins  

Henry J. Smith III          Sonya Gooden          Samone Murray          Robert Stanley          Antrone Harris


and the Knuckleheads

A high-quality 5K film, “Li’l Mayne & The Knuckleheads” is a story in the life of a 15-year-old boy and his friends. They all live in low-income project housing on the east side of town. Li’l Mayne is a teen prodigy - a mathematical genius - trapped in a tough environment. His friends cause assorted mischief, shrugging and saying, “We ain’t got nuthin’ else to do!” Along the way, they interact with an assortment of teen and adult characters who seek to influence their lives for good or for ill. Dramatic and often humorous, “Li’l Mayne and The Knuckleheads” takes us on a ride we won’t soon forget!

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